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Top rated Russian women's photos

Tasha 32 y.o.

Виктория 33 y.o.

Olga 36 y.o.

There is very little difference between Russian brides and Ukrainian ladies, these two people are very similar. In Ukraine there are more dark-haired and hazel-eyed women, and they have more sumptuous shapes, especially in middle age.

There is a saying that Ukrainian girls are more opinionated and persistent. They are great hostesses- they like to cook and invite guests home.

Ukranian ladies are often more hot and ready to act on impulse. Ukrainian brides are more prudent, sensible.

But usually men do not make difference between Ukrainian and Ukrainian brides. They join sites where all brides from FSU are presented and see who they like, who they want to visit and try to build the relationship.

The main difference is that it is much much easier to make a visa to Russia when you are an American than to Russia. You have to make a visa to Ukraine in advance, fill some paper, and go to Russia when you have it on your hands (no possibility to obtain it at the airport). But you can go to Russia just with your American passport if you are going on business and travel purposes up to 90 days.

The main question that a man looking for Russian and Ukrainian girl should answer in search if he wants to have a wife from a big city, like Moscow, Kiev, St-Petersburg or from a small city.

Do not be afraid of back-country brides

....The main problem that Russian a back-country bride has in relationship with a Western men is that she is afraid to present him to her family. She is afraid that something can go wrong and nothing will happen from their relationship and she will be laughed at in her native city. Everybody knows everybody there, and after that she can have no chance to build a family there....

Women online now

Mila 36 y.o.

Анна 30 y.o.

Яна 24 y.o.


Men's Internet Dating Site Photos

These do not matter nearly as much HOW you look as HOW MUCH CARE YOU TOOK to do your best FOR your future bride.

How to measure compatibility not to be expected for a couple to feel at least some mutual sympathy when meeting for the first time? Everything was so perfect when they spoke on the phone...

Are Ukrainian brides reserved?

...The opinion about self-control and anxiety of Ukrainian women is formed mostly at men who tried to communicate with them on different dating sites...


Top rated Russian women's photos of the previous month

Лара 24 y.o.

Tattiana 33 y.o.

Lisa 30 y.o.

Our recommendations how to find love in Russia and Ukraine

Have you come to the site to find a Ukrainian or Ukranian bride? Do slavian girls attract you?

I will be happy to help you:

Register to the site and pay special attention to your pictures. Many men think that women do not pay attention to pictures - WRONG! They do. When you communicate with the person, then pictures go to the second plan. But in the beginning they do.

Russia and Russia are the countries of traditional view on the roles of men and brides. Most of the information is written in your profile. That's why your letter can be rather short. It can be rather traditional: I like you, do you like my profile. Or you can think of something more original. If you want to be slower in your approach send the Ukrainian ladies on the site postcards or ice-breaks.

In the first letters write when you can come to Russia or Russia, be definite. On this site, ladies are serious looking for a partner for life, and many of them met with the case when men just wrote, wrote, wrote for several years but the time went by. That's why many girls reply less gladly when they do not know when a man can come.

Choose the girls with whom it is easy for you to communicate, with whom you never miss words. Ask them for a telephone number, phone, talk with a woman will tell you more about her than tons of letters.

When you have established good relationship with a lady, try to come to Ukraine or Russia as soon as possible. The more you delay your visit to your lady the more chance that the relationship will go down - she will marry somebody else who has come earlier.

Top rated women in bikini photos

Anna 18 y.o.

Lyalya 27 y.o.

Светлана 29 y.o.


Women can be active, but they want you to initiate contact.

What all girls hate most is the thought that you phone to tens brides and do not remember even their names. Better talk on different themes in your telephone talks and ask different questions and never forget the name.

Do not hesitate whether to marry her or not for too long, else another one will find her!


Top rated Russian women's photos - two months ago

Мария 27 y.o.

Альбина 32 y.o.

Vladislava 25 y.o.

Ways to begin contact

If you are shy but want to initiate contact begin it with winks (Though in Russia it is very often considered to be a way for women to initiate contact.)

Send a postcard

It is a good way to initiate contact with another person especially when it is a time of holiday- the 8 th March for women, New Year, Christmas, St-Valentines.

Send a letter

The best way introduce yourself! The letter can be short but it shows you as a decisive and confident man.

Send gift-cat

Send an interactive flash card. Make your Russian or Ukrainian bride lauph! Show your imagination and humor!

Send video/audio message

This is better to do on a later stages of the contact - learn about possibility of a Russian woman to view or listen to the message and make short film with you. Picture is a one thing but to see the person move, talk is quite another.

Send a present

A gorgeous lady has a birthday? Surprise her. Make her a gift. Let her receive your present on this so good day and be greatful to you.

Send ice-break

A good way to begin contact - send a beginning phrase and make the partner answer.

Top rated women in bikini photos of the previous month

Anna 18 y.o.

Olesya 35 y.o.

Victoria 26 y.o.


Online translator

Online translator helps to translate your communication with a beatiful Russian girl when she does not know English. It is free and helps you translate letters from Ukrainian to English and back.

Photo rating

Put your pictures to photo rating and let Ukrainian ladies rate them. Notificator will tell you who liked you photos most. Rate Ukranian and Ukrainian girls' pictures, find Russian and Ukranian girls you like. It is free.

Instant compatibility rate

The set of red hearts near each profile of a Russian or Ukranian woman will tell you with whom you have the most chances to build a good family. Read in depth reports to see what problems can arise with incompatible girls and how to solve them.

Scammer Elena
Recognize a scammer? - Easy! Compare!

Scammers prefer to give their emails in the first letters and make a man communicate with them not on the site.(he will probably not notice when a sign scammer will be written on their profiles)

Real brides prefer first to communicate, then to give their email or to write to email address a man gives.

Scammers do not give their telephones.(Ukrainian women according to their words do not have telephones). They prefer to phone themselves or "give the telephone of their girl- friend and agree on the time of phone calls.

In reality, Ukrainian girls (and people ) all have home telephone and mobiles. In Russia the number of mobiles is more than a number of people.Ukrainian girls won't suggest to phone to you the first, they will gladly give you their telephone number to phone.

Scammer prefer to write the firsl letter themselves. (Of course, in this case they have much more men answering and much more victims.)

Russian women are more conservative by nature, most prefer a man to show their attention to them. They can send a wink or a postcard, but rarely a letter.

Scammer if they put on the site a woman of 23-30 will write in her questionary that she wants to find a man from 25 to 60 or 65. They are not going to live with the man, their goal is money.

Real Ukrainian brides prefer age difference to be maximum 10-15 years. They want to have a family for many years, they want children, they prefer somebody close to them by age.

Scammers very quickly "fall in love" with the men they are communicating with. They are very eloquent in this. They write a lot about their love and plans for future. They create a fairy tale dream for a man, a dream that will make him loose his head.

Real women are more reserved in this. They know that Internet dating is Internet dating and to fall in love people should meet. They usually talk about love only close to marriage (they are too serious about it to talk about it lightly)..

Scammers have many fraudulent credit cards and they can easily join such sites as yahoo, match, date, american singles. Yes, in some time their profiles will be blocked (becuase of fraud), but they will gather some men to work with there. And t

Russian brides do not have credit cards to pay on such sites. They can be as free members but not as paying.

To look at real Russian and Ukrainian women go to our site and make a search.
We do not activate scammers profile and clean the site from them reguralry.

Multi-level anti-scam protection

The site has multi-level anti-scam protection. We have our database of 950000 ip addresses where from we never activate profiles. We check all the brides regularly. If a user complains then we do in-depth checking.

Our own scam list

Many men report scammers and add to our database of scammers. Read communication with users, helping them to understand who they are communicating with - a stag or a shark.

Scammer list

Scam scenarios

Travel and visa scenario

Accident scenario

Quick variant of main scamming scenario

The newest Nigerian scamming scenario

Restaurant or accommodation scenario


Is it possible to identify a girl´s nature at the first gaze? Is there a possibility
to figure it out using only a photo?

Many sites, unlike this one, do not have any psychological test on the site and men have to choose just looking at the pictures and self -description of the Russian women (I want to see the profile where a bride will honestly writes that she is dishonest person who looks for money or she is a deep pessimist.) If a site does not have any test this instruction will help you to see if it is the lady you want to live with for the rest of your life.

Person´s nature can be clearly seen in his or her gesticulation and posture, movements or the way he or she dresses. These details are easy to notice at the first meeting or in the photo. All the things about a particular person depend on each other, but an accurate diagnostics requires both extended experience and observation and some special knowledge as well.
I offer you a simple and explicit system that, despite its simplicity, really works.
You should imagine four geometric forms: circle , triangle standing on one of its angles , square and a wavy vertical line . Now imagine these forms in movement. Then you should look at a particular girl or her photo and decide which one of the four forms she resembles.


"Round" ladies are indifferent to luxury but appreciate comfort. They make good mothers and easily manage with children. Their main advantage is their ability to love and respect their husband accepting his leadership without any doubts....

You´d better be earnest and ready to work a few jokes in your speech....


"Square" women are remarkable for their absolute orderliness.

"Square" women make good wives being calm, reliable and tidy. They keep house well and know how to operate with money. They can save money easily if needed and accept temporary financial troubles with patience. Such a woman will never betray you or become unfaithful but will require the same of you.


"Triangular" women have athletic build with wide shoulders, narrow thighs, small breast and brawny legs. They are energetic and mobile;...

...Women like that prefer those who are successful and strong....

Play upon her jealousy attracting other brides....

"Wavy ones"

They behave as if they are on the stage being both actors and onlookers at the same time.

She has no interest in everyday issues. She requires constant attention, admiration and new experiences. She demands unusual clothes and superior make-up, thus you will have to spend a lot having such a wife. However, she will make you a brilliant company in public.

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